ISSA - The Greatest Story Never Told

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Lois Drake says, "I think, as a Christian, I’ve always wondered what the real life of Jesus was like. What did he do every day? How did he live? He was special certainly, with a high degree of spiritual attainment, but he was a real living, breathing person, too. Researching and writing this novel has allowed me to put flesh and bone on a story that I’ve always wanted to know…and I suspect others do, as well."

Hear Lois Drake's interview on ISSA: The Greatest Story Never Told at Book Expo America 2009. (4:02 minutes)

In this powerful re-imagining of Jesus’ "lost years," we see his early life in a new and authentic way.
The hunger of his spirit compels him and which takes him on a path the comfortable surroundings of home in Nazareth to the exotic and mysterious Far East.

Drake tells audiences about:

The depth of her research
The source of her inspiration
Authentic Tibetan Buddhist sources on Jesus (St. Issa)

Drake gives a peek behind the the ISSA story:

What if Jesus had a choice to become the Christ?
What if his life was to be an example of our highest potential?
What could Jesus have done during those 17 "lost years?"
What if Jesus studied other great religious traditions which helped frame his message?
Controversial Christian beliefs about the spiritual path
These and other challenging "what if’s" are the essential questions posed—and answered!
Some will find them comforting, some inspiring and some challenging.
Drake is available for interviews anytime. Contact us.
Review copies of her book are also available upon request. Trade paperback edition will be distributed to the trade by National Book Network and available in stores September 2009.

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ISSA - The Greatest Story Never Told

Publication Date:
September 1, 2009

Retail Price: $14.95

Pages: 240